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The first Japanese foodstore and cafe in Tallinn. Serving a new daily dish every day!

Kunderi 29, Tallinn
M - F
11 - 19
12 - 17


Hungry Mikan Webshop is our fully-featured webshop stocking our 300+ products. Europe-wide shipping is available.
Tabetai is our Estonian-language recipe blog with weekly updates.
MoMo leiab (MoMo finds!) is our public "wishlist", where customers can request products and we will find the supplier. Currently Estonian-only.
Tokumaru Ramen & Sushi is the first genuine Japanese Ramen restaurant in Estonia. Tokumaru is situated on the second floor of the Solaris shopping centre, right above the Solaris cinema box office.

About Us

MoMo, officially known as Falcon Japan OÜ, is a Japanese-Estonian joint venture specializing in Japanese food items.

In June 2012, we opened our first regular store in Kunderi 29 which became known as Jaapani Toidupood MoMo. One can find over 300 different products there with a chance to meet us personally and ask for any advice concerning preparation procedures etc. We also offer daily meals to be enjoyed on location or as take-away prepared carefully by Japanese chefs.

In June 2013, we brought back a larger menu with various dishes in Viru Keskus under the name of MoMo Katusekino It was only a summer project that ended in August the same year but gave the customers a chance to enjoy authentic Japanese flavor in the center of Tallinn.

In summer 2014, we opened the first authentic Japanese ramen and sushi restaurant named Tokumaru. Tokumaru is situated in the center of Tallinn, in Solaris. Tokumaru is the first restaurant in Estonia where you can enjoy authentic Sapporo-styled ramen soups. In our menus you can also find variety of sushi, tempura and other rice dishes.

Restaurant’s name Tokumaru means circle of good things. In Japanese Toku means one’s good quality and maru means circle or harmony.

Good work implies for a friendly collective and harmony. A good restaurant is the one which creates harmony in between food, chefs, waitresses and clients. That is exactly what is the aim of our company.